Le Petit Amour is based out of the Triangle in North Carolina. We are an online + wholesale macaron shop in the Triangle. You will be able to find us around the Triangle at local restaurants and cafes. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for our partner list.

A macaron is a meringue based french cookie sandwich made with egg whites, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, almond flour and food coloring.

Macarons are naturally gluten free but cross-contact with gluten-containing ingredients can occur. Le Petit Amour is not gluten free certified.

Yes, all macarons are made using almond flour. Please note: May contain soy, wheat, coconut, and other tree nuts. Not baked in an allergen-free kitchen due to shared equipment.

Our macaron fillings are ganache based and are made using heavy cream.

Click the pre-order tab at the top to place your order. Pre-order collection boxes are shown here. 

Currently we are not shipping our macarons. We will have designated pick-up locations for our pre-order collection boxes.

All credit card types and apple pay are accepted.

Our macarons are best eaten within 4 days. Store them in an airtight container in the fridge. To enjoy them, let them sit out at room temperature (30 minutes) before consuming. The texture will change the longer you store them in the fridge so they are best enjoyed within 1-4 days of pick-up. No guarantee that they will last 4 days… they are just that good!

Le Petit Amour does not have store front. We are an online + wholesale pastry shop. You can find us at local cafes + restaurants around the Triangle.

Visit our Facebook + Instagram for the most up-to-date locations on where to find Le Petit Amour macarons. 

Yes, macarons can be frozen for up to three months. It is recommended to wrap the package in additional plastic wrap to keep as much air and moisture out of the package so the macarons stay fresh.